Passport Applicant Checklist

1. Consult with a Passport Agent

Your Time is Valuable!  We strongly encourage applicants call first, and speak with a Passport Agent before scheduling an in-person appointment.  This will give the Passport Agent an opportunity to determine if an in-person appointment is required or not, and also whether the current appointment and processing times will allow you to get your passport in time for any upcoming travel.

* If you are eligible to use the Renewal form, we are encouraging applicants to use that form and mail the renewal in themselves.

The Passport Agent is also able to assist with checking that the right paperwork is ready to go and answer any questions you may have about filling out the DS-11 Form.

2. Schedule an In-Person Appointment

An appointment can be scheduled through Waitwhile or by calling City Hall at 206-368-5440.

3. Prepare in Advance of your Appointment

To make the best use of your time, prepare - prepare - prepare!

For adult applicants, please have the following ready before your appointment:

  1. Completed DS-11 Form - available online, or hard copies are available at City Hall Lobby to pick up and complete before your appointment.
  2. Citizenship Evidence (certified birth certificate + photocopy/front & back; or previous U.S. Passport)
  3. Valid Identification (original + photocopy/front & back; example:  Washington State ID Card or Driver’s License)
  4. Passport Photo (optional, we have photo services on site for an additional $16)

For minor applicants (15 & under), please have the following ready before your appointment:

4. Your In-Person Appointment

  1. If you do not have your paperwork ready to go at the time of your appointment, you may be required to reschedule to a new time.
  2. Minors:  All minor applicants and BOTH parents must be present at the appointment time (see possible exceptions to this requirement)
  3. Please wait in your car or outside of the City Hall building until you are notified (via text or phone call) that it is time for your appointment
  4. Masks are required when entering City Hall, except for children under 2 years old or those with certain medical conditions