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Sound Transit 3 Leaves North Lake Washington Behind – Get Involved, Be Included!

Speed, Reliability, Capacity and Access!! These transportation principles are essential as the Puget Sound Region grows by a million people over the next 25 years, placing more demands on major corridors like SR 522 (Bothell Way) and SR 523 (NE 145th St). Lake Forest Park and its North Lake Washington neighbors cannot be left behind as Sound Transit plans for and funds new transit infrastructure.

In November 2016, Sound Transit is planning to ask voters whether they want to fund more mass transit projects in the Puget Sound region. This initiative is known as “Sound Transit 3” (ST3), and Sound Transit is conducting a public process to solicit public input on which projects should be part of the ST3 plan. This input process will end on July 8, 2015.

Currently, Sound Transit has no plans to construct any transportation improvements along SR 522 or anywhere else within our City. Lake Forest Park is quite concerned that, without a substantial investment in access facilities, especially a well-located park & ride structure, transit will be no more accessible in our access-challenged community than it is today, leaving regular use of transit out of the question for many of our homes. The City is further concerned that without additional improvements to coincide with the new light rail transit stations planned at NE 145th St at Interstate 5 and NE 185th Street at Interstate 5 in Shoreline, traffic will increase on SR 522, SR 104 (Ballinger Way) and on NE 145th Street, decreasing speed and reliability for those that depend on Lake City Way and/or Interstate 5 for their commute.

So, where does that leave us?  In Lake Forest Park, it will remain difficult to access the new light rail and current transit capacity. Plus, it is likely that we will be dealing with more traffic on SR 522 and SR 104 (Ballinger Way).  The City is fully engaged in the ST3 process at the agency level, but getting the needs of our difficult access and congested corridor addressed in ST3 will take many voices.

Lake Forest Park residents and businesses are urged to voice their opinions with Sound Transit via mail, survey or website. A sample letter is provided for those who would like to write.

Your voices and opinions are important and we hope everyone takes the opportunity to be heard on the issue of transportation. For information on Sound Transit and the ST3 package, click on “comment information” below or visit

Taking the ST3 Survey?

If you haven’t already done so, we encourage everyone to take Sound Transit’s online survey to help us get better transit for North Lake Washington.

Sound Transit is asking the public—that’s YOU—which projects to include on the ballot for their ST3 (Sound Transit 3) initiative. We need you to let them know: Don’t forget the North Lake Washington Corridor!

Two ways you can help right now:

First, take the ST3 survey (before July 8, 2015)

While taking the survey, consider these instructions:

1.  When selecting and rating which projects are important to you, choose the option: 
REGIONWIDE / MULTI-CORRIDOR AND PLANNING PROJECTS, Studies to examine future high capacity transit options for:

--Issaquah Highlands to Overlake via Sammamish, Redmond
--Access and connection on NE 145th Street from SR 522 to Link light rail
--Northern Lake Washington Crossing

2.  In Question 7, indicate that “Project(s) are missing that should be included”and ask Sound Transit to:

  • Build a park & ride structure in Lake Forest Park and structured parking garages along the SR 522 corridor 
  • Construct Bus Rapid Transit lanes along NE 145th St., between SR 522 and the future Shoreline light rail station
  • Construct Bus Rapid Transit on SR 522

Second, ask a friend to take the survey

If possible, please email the survey to 5 to 10 close friend and invite them to take it as well. 

Click here for a sample email