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Heritage Tree Program
Volunteer Measuring Tree Diameter
A volunteer measuring a tree's diameter
The Heritage Tree Program seeks to maintain and enhance the City's forest canopy and to encourage awareness and appreciation of our trees and their beneficial impact. To do so, we identify and honor trees that have special value to the community. View the Heritage Tree Slideshow

What is a Heritage Tree?
A tree will be recognized as a Heritage Tree if it meets one of these criteria:

  • Outstanding specimen – The tree is an outstanding instance of the species.
  • Rare or unique – The tree is an unusual species or unusual in its form or growth.
  • Historical significance – The tree is associated with an historic event, structure, or noted person.
  • Personal significance – A tree that is central to a personal experience whose retelling will be highly meaningful to many in the community.
  • Outstanding group of trees – Trees that comprise a notable grove or grouping.

Leaves of American Chestnut
Leaves of an American Chestnut tree
To Nominate a Tree
You can nominate a tree on your property or City property. The process is simple. Pick up a copy of the nomination form at City Hall or download the form. If the tree is selected, it will be photographed, measured, and added to the web-based registry of Heritage Trees.

The Heritage Tree Program is sponsored by the LFP Environmental Quality Commission.