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Posted on: November 15, 2017

Press Release: Sheridan Beach and Town Center Floodplain Area Reductions Approved by FEMA

The City of Lake Forest Park has been notified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) that reductions in the floodplain area in the Lake Forest Park Town Center and Sheridan Beach neighborhood became effective on October 10, 2017. These floodplain area reductions are the result of the Lyon Creek Flood Mitigation Project that was completed in 2015.

The affected areas include the Sheridan Beach neighborhood south of State Route 522 (Bothell Way), the Lake Forest Park Town Center area, and other properties along Lyon and McAleer Creeks near the Town Center. The map, included in the link below, shows the previous 100-year floodplain area (green) and the effective 100-year floodplain area (blue). To view the map, click the Press Release link below and scroll to the second page.

The official flood insurance rate map may be downloaded from FEMA’s Flood Map Service Center: Search the site by entering your address in the search box and clicking enter, select the revisions folder above the map and click the link to download the PDF titled 17-10-0060P-530082. The downloaded PDF is the official Letter of Map Revision issued by FEMA. If the PDF above is not available, then your property is not in the affected area.

The revised map may alter/reduce your risk for a flood if you live or own property in the affected area. The result might be decreased flood insurance rates. Contact your flood insurance provider for additional information regarding insurance rates.

The City is also going to mail a letter to affected property owners to notify them of this floodplain revision.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Aaron Halverson, Environmental Programs Manager at 206-957-2836 or email Aaron.

Press Release
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