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Lake Forest Park News

Posted on: July 10, 2017

City Administrator to Retire in April 2018

City Administrator Pete Rose has given Mayor Johnson and the City Council notice of his intent to retire at the beginning of April 2018. Rose is giving nine months of notice in order to allow the City to secure a recruiter and conduct a normal recruitment and selection process with no vacancy period between Administrators.

Mayor Jeff Johnson expressed gratitude for his service and agreed with the orderly transition period. “He has done a great job here and we wish him well in retirement. There is a lot going on with the City’s Big Five planning studies and the ST3 improvements, so avoiding gaps and having a secure handoff is very important.”

Deputy Mayor Catherine Stanford expressed appreciation on behalf of the City Council. “We think Pete has done great things for the City. They will be hard shoes to fill.”

In making the announcement, Rose said, “I appreciate the opportunity that you, the Council and your predecessors, have given me to serve here. It has been a period of recovery from the recession, with some noteworthy accomplishments, and the City is now engaged in planning for the future Lake Forest Park. The City is setting the footing for many building blocks for the future and those blocks will bring about others. It is my hope that this is just the dawn of great things for Lake Forest Park.

At some point in a career, there is a time when one is there for the laying of the keel and not there for the launching of the ship. That time has come for me. I will do my best in the coming months to help you and the City governance structure to lay that groundwork. Best of luck in launching the future Lake Forest Park.

Thanks to all for your support.”
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