Lake Forest Park, WA

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Apply for a Business License
View how to apply for a business license.

Apply for a Job with the City
Browse through job openings in Lake Forest Park.

Apply for a Passport

Apply for a Permit
This takes the user to the Planning Department's Applications and Forms page on the City's website.

Apply for / Learn about Tree Permits

Contact Department Staff
View a list of city employees contact information.

Pay Business Taxes
Find out how to pay your taxes.

Pay My Sewer Bill
View your options on how to pay your city bill.

Read City News
Stay connected with what is happening in Lake Forest Park.

Read the Municipal Code
View the city's municipal code.

Report a possible code violation

Report a Problem
Fill out a Request for Service Form.

Report a Spill
View a list of what is considered a spill that needs reporting.

Submit a Public Records Request
This page links to the Municipal Services page on public records

View City Events
Browse the city's calendar for upcoming events.

Visit City Parks
View the responsibilities of the park team in regards to maintenance.

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