Sewer Rates

The LFP sewer rate is made up of two parts: the LFP Residential Sewer Rate, which is used for the maintenance and repair of the LFP sewer system, and the King County Sewer Treatment charge, which goes to King County.

2017 Sewer Rate

LFP Residential Sewer Rate is currently $17.09 per month and it will remain the same for 2017.  The King County Sewer Treatment Charge is increasing from $42.03 per month to $44.22 per month.  This is an increase of $2.19 per month.

Effective January 1, 2017 your bi-monthly sewer bill that was $118.24 will be $122.62 ($61.31 per month). The Wastewater Excise Tax bill will not increase in 2017.

2017 Bi-Monthly Sewer Rate Rate
LFP Residential Sewer $34.18
King County Sewage Treatment Charge $88.44
Total $122.62

The "LFP Residential Sewer Rate" is set by the Lake Forest Park City Council and may change annually. 

The "King County Sewage Treatment Charge" is set by King County Council. If you have questions regarding this charge, visit King County Wastewater Treatment.